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3 day: Wildlife & Wellness Experience

Wildlife and Wellness experience Situated a mere 29 kilometres south east from Windhoek on a hilltop overlooking a spectacular landscape, the luxury lodge offering a unique combination of Wildlife, Nature and Wellness experiences. With 25 different wildlife species located on a 6000 hectare Nature Reserve, game drives and walking activities are welcomed as an enriching experience. Wellness facilities and treatments of a world class standard ensure a renewal of mind, body and spirit. Wellness is a holistic approach to health that combines all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual well-being to realign mind, body and soul. It is a place where the noise of our busy lives is drowned out by the whispers of tranquility - a place where we can draw upon the strength of a healthy body and the sanctuary of our inner calm. The Wellness Village boasts a top of the range selection of wellness treatments, products and services.

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21 day: Namibia Explorer

Traveling to Rehoboth, Migrants from South Africa found this town in the 19th century. Nearby is the lake situated on a water dam a rare occasion in a mainly desert country. You proceed further north to Aus region situated where the succulent Karoo and Namib Desert meets with exceptional views over the endless desert plains of the 510 sq km Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park. Continue through Kuiseb Canyon to Swakopmund. Visit the moonlandscape and Welwitchia Mirabilis en route.

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