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Destination: Namibia

Namibia Welwitchia Mirabillis Namibia, a “Land of Contrasts”, is indeed a true reflection of what nature has in store for all its visitors from around the world. Namibia has been blessed with natural wealth that is priceless. With an area of 826 400 square km and a population of 2.1 million (latest official census) one can imagine the endless horizons that can take one through the scenic and diverse landscape of the oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert. Visitors spend days exploring the Namib, climbing the world highest sand-dunes and discovering the hidden secrets that lies beneath this lifeless and barren land. Travelers from the Northern Hemisphere find it hard to believe that a destination can enjoy nearly 365 days of sunshine, providing endless opportunities for outdoor activities ranging from horseback safaris, scenic flights, hot air balloon, dune skiing, soaring, hiking, mountain biking, white river rafting, equestrian sports, angling, bird watching and many more.

Etosha National Park The well-developed infrastructure throughout the country is comparable to world standards, and Windhoek, the capital is one of the cleanest cities. The north-western part of Namibia is still very much an unknown tourist attraction, hosting some of the great worldly wonders. The Skeleton Coast park is an untouched wilderness area, with spectacular landscapes, stretching from the Ugab River northwards to the Kunene River. The desert-adapted elephant are found only in this region and is a must to see. Wildlife enthusiasts will be surprised how easy it is to spot some of the most endemic mammal’s species, like the handsome black-faced impala and other rate endangered mammals. Etosha National Park is the third largest game reserve in Africa and lies in the North-central part of the country.

4 Day: Sossusvlei - Swakopmund

As one of Namibia's highlights the Namib is the oldest desert in the world and you will have ample opportunity to explore the dunes and enjoy the vast desert vista.

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Düsternbrook Experience

Excellent cheetah and leopard viewing, enjoy the spectacular view of the uniquely situated historical farmhouse (1909) and feel at home. Other activities include game drives, horseback riding and hiking.

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